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          1. Company Profile

            Dalian BIO-CHEM Company Limited


              Welcome to Bio-Chem and welcome to a brand new start.

            ? ? ? ?Dalian Bio-Chem Company Limited is a high-tech Sino-American joint venture chemical company with ISO9001 Quality Management System, specializing in production of bactericides, antiseptics, and fungicides for different industrial applications. It has been ranked number one in advanced technology, quantity and quality among all Asian Pacific Biocide Producers.

              Since its establishment in 2003, Bio-Chem has improved the production capacity twice to satisfy the growing demands for our products; again, we have built a new factory in Dalian Songmudao Chemical Industry Zone in 2009. It will increase our capacity three times with more than 600 employees on site. Excellent R&D department and experienced sales team support the fast growth of the company.

              Our products are being used in the fields of paper and pulping, water treatment, metal working fluid, plastic, coating, marine paint, wood preservation, plastic, leather treatment, cosmetics, personal care, oil-field, textiles, fiber, carpet, construction materials.

              Our customers from Europe, North & South America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia have established stable and long-term cooperation with us in the past 11 years.
              We value Customer Experience, Environment Protection, and Labor Safety with the highest priorities and commit ourselves to improve the product quality and customer service standards in order to serve our customers better.

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